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Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology

The day has finally arrived! Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology is now available in print and as a pdf file. Here is a list of the amazing authors that are a part of this incredible anthology: Isabelle Rose, Cassandra Lee, Jennifer L. Miller, Leigh Dragoon, Dave Rex, Charlotte Emma Gledson, John H. Howard, Jeff Ezell, Jessica Lynne Gardner, and Rachel Ayers.

Here's an excerpt of one of the stories you will find inside TFT:

Natalie's Garden by Jessica Lynne Gardner

She had the look of a girl who’d been stunning once. Her thin, pale face was the only unmarred part of her. The spindled body parts showing under her plain garb were gleaming with jagged candy cane scar tissue. The most intriguing thing was her hair. Even with her head clean and smooth as a newborn’s, he could tell it was exquisite. Folded over the striped forearms and calves was a delicate, golden down that refracted pure unadulterated sunshine. She was heaven. There was no green or orange tinge some blondes had—it was warm—the brightest, palest gold. Her eyebrows were the same but short and fine, making it difficult to see the gleam.

Many would consider her large eyes beautiful; they were sparkling ice cycles, tinged with arctic blue. But when he looked at her he avoided them, there was too much pain and secrets there, casting hard shadows underneath. All he cared about was her shining arms, which were folded tightly over her frail body. He could sense her awkwardness. She was new, transferred from another location after some kind of staffing issue. Her chart said she’d been there since she was 16. Six years. Must have been rough. He skipped a few pages to her background. In the notes section of the file he saw a precaution written in red ink, “Important: Keep head shaved.” He wondered what would happen if she didn’t. Did they think she would grow it out and climb out the window with it? He chuckled quietly at himself. Her head turned, the innocent eyes twitched and narrowed, wondering what could be so funny within the manila folder that was her life. He could see the mental inventory of what was written there: prescriptions, locations, her attempted suicide… her whole, unremarkable life was recorded in the paper between his hands. The thought sent a thrill through him.

© Jessica Lynne Gardner 2009

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